Monday, March 25, 2013

LLA update

Lisp Linear Algebra was updated today. This is a major update, so I increased the version number to 0.2. Compared to the previous version, all of the changes are internal and do not affect the already existing API, with the exception of an experimental destructive BLAS interface, which was contributed by Gábor Melis.

Gábor also made the necessary changes to the internals (which were not designed for destructive updates before), and re-enabled the array pinning interface for SBCL. This means that if you arrays have the same float type, and it is one of the four supported float types (single-float, double-float, and their complex counterparts), SBCL will not copy your arrays unless it has to (eg because they would be overwritten or need to be transposed). I am grateful for Gábor's contributions.

The destructive BLAS interface is still experimental, so the API may be refined in future versions.

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