Sunday, March 31, 2013

Deprecated libraries removed

I had some Common Lisp libraries on Github that I have abandonned a while ago, mostly because I have either

  1. found a better library by someone else,
  2. decided to follow alternative approaches, or
  3. write a better version with an incompatible API.

These libraries have been undergoing some quiet bit-rot for a while which makes them unusable without minor or not so minor fixes, for which I have no time; also, there are better libraries out there for the same purpose.

Having abandonned Common Lisp libraries out there is confusing and goes against the principle of consolidating Common Lisp Libraries, so I decided to remove some repositories. In particular, I have removed

  1. cl-2d, which didn't see any new development in the last two years. My recommended replacement is cl-flexplot, which uses PGF (a LaTeX package) as a backend.
  2. cl-text-tables was simply abandonned, I recommend the excellent cl-csv instead.
  3. cl-numlib is superseded by cl-num-utils.

The latter two suggested replacements are in Quicklisp.

If, for some strange reason, anyone is interested in the code of the dead libraries, just write me an e-mail. But I would prefer if these libraries stayed dead, as there are much better replacements out there.

It is very likely that I will remove other deprecated libraries in the future.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your effort in using Lisp for scientific computation, which is encouraging ot me.

    I coded in XLisp-Stat for the simulation of a very abstract stochastic process with the help of Emacs Lisp mode. It was a very pleasant experience. Since then I have not had opporttunity to do scientific computation in Lisp. I am thinking about using it, instead of Python, for my future scientific computation research project.